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7 Keys to Walking by Faith NOT Your Feelings.

Feelings cannot be trusted when trusting situations to work out in your favor. Your faith is what you are hoping for, though you do not yet see the results, you must have courage to resist 'feelings' of defeat that come very naturally most of the time. Courage is not absent fear, but rather, denying its power to control you despite the emotions you will feel in your time of crisis.

Here is 7 keys to help you keeping walking:

1. Be realistic, refuse a 'victim' mentality. Your situation is common to all mankind, its just your time to experience it and OVERCOME it.

2. Feelings are false most of the time, ignore them and keep moving daily. PRESS ON!

3. Choose your battles. Make sure you are not making light of petty things.

4. Consider this fact, you cannot change another person, trying to do so will only continue to harm you emotionally. Let go and let joy abound in your heart.

5. Spend time daily considering what is good in your life - keep an attitude of grattitude.

6. Remember, problems are only situations that give you an opportunity to think, thinking brings resolve and opens the opportunity for you to discover new strategies and resources for you to use to reach your goals.

7. Refuse to keep talking about the past that is harmful to you, learn from the pain, and move on.

Faith and Feelings, the two do not mix, go with faith!

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