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Tips to Become Successful Uber Driver - Get Paid Every Wednesday!


  • Keep your car spotless!!

  • Keep mint chewing gum or bottled water to offer your riders.

  • Open doors for your riders, they love it!!

  • Whenever in doubt of their location after reading navigation, call them.

  • Keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

  • Keep plastic trash bag for rider that may get sick in your car

  • Do not talk to much to those who are busy on their cell phones.  

  • Be enthusiastic and light hearted at all times.

  • Ask your rider's if they have a 'preferred' route, if not, stick to the navigation directions on your Uber APP

  • Never drive sleepy.

  • Learn your city 'hot spots' to earn your money quicker during busy hours.


Great Potential Benefits as Uber Driver:

  • You will meet awesome people

  • You can meet potential executives that can assist you in new job or career


Be Kind and enthusiastice ~ You never know who you just might meet, we love Uber!




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