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Simple Web Designs



Having a website is crucial in 2015 to support your cause, business or ministry.  Most web designers charge $3,000 - $20,000 to design and maintain a website.  We are offering "simple designs" to fit your budget with a 3-5 day turnaround for under $500.  Having a website is no longer a maybe, its a must if you want to be taken seriously, its the times we are now living in, its a must!


How does it work?  Send us an email naming the price you can afford for your new website, we will negotiate what will be a fair price under $500 depending on the amount of pages, video and product we have to create for your site. 


Because we specialize in simple designs, we reserve the right to turn down some offers depending on the amount of pages and product in order to maintain our 'niche' in the market of web design.  We want to help those who simply cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to represent their cause, business or ministry.  Let's get started!




Time for you to get online! 

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

3-5 Day Turn Around

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