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Terms & Conditions:


Anyone can nominate a Woman of Courage .  We encourage our male customers to nominate women who have inspired them as well.


You must b 18 years of age to nominate a Woman of Courage


Your nominee must be 18 years of age.


We choose one winner every Friday until Mother's  Day week 2015.  You will be contacted by 12 noon on Friday if your Woman of Courage has been chosen.


We will not read any derogitory, explicit or strange entry, they will be immediately dicarded.


We will not read any entry that is over 3 'short' paragraps due to the amount of time it takes to read all entrees fairly, please be brief!


You are able to nominate a Woman of Courage as often as you like until the week of Mother's Day.


(We absolutely, under no circumstances exchange any information obtained from our customers or those who nominate Women of Courage, or give information to any third party.)


We reserve the right at any time to deny or withdraw any person we feel is abusing our initiative to inspire and give random acts of kindness.




All winners will be posted on our website (only by permission) of the nominee and the person that nominated the winner.


Pictures will be posted if desired.


All Prizes will be shipped to winners May 1st in time for Mother's Day.


We Love You!  Thanks for sharing your Women of Courage with us!



















Flower Ink Pens starting at $6.99 & up

Courage Key Ring $15.99 ea

The Visionary $132

Custom Greeting Cards $5.99 ea.

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