WARN Those in
Your Region

Weed Smoking Leads to Hell

If you would like to become a distributor in your region, Please email RequestWeedSmokingHandouts@gmail.com with your COMPLETE mailing address, including apartment #.  Currently, we can ONLY ship within the USA.  Please, view what the handout looks like below.


Due to COVID19, masses are "privately' losing the war within to deny their fleshly desire to escape by poisening their body and mind by smoking cannabis a.k.a. mariquana or weed.   Masses are deceived into believing they will go to Heaven smoking weed. Break FREE!!!!  Run for your ETERNAL life...... RUN!!

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Ways to Distribute Handouts:

  1. Never leave large quantity with anyone or sitting any place to avoid the risk of waste or being thrown away by the wrong person.

  2. Leave randomly on windshield of parked cars.

  3. If you live in an apartment building go to different floors and place on doors, use tape if you have too.  

  4. Share with fast-food workers, grocery store cashiers etc.

  5. Leave on the desk of co-workers.

  6. Place in the mail to loved ones and friends anonymously.

  7. Leave one or two in public restrooms.

  8. Leave one or two in your break or lunchroom 2 – 3 times weekly.

  9. If you ride the bus, leave one on your seat.

  10. Any doctor’s appointments, hair, barber etc. leave in the waiting area.

  11. Take a friend or team with you to a high traffic grocery stores and canvass the parking lot.  Just talk to the people and ask them do they know the eternal consequences of smoking weed.  DON’T BE AFRAId!


If you would like to receive more handouts, just let us know!  God bless and keep you in His Care.