Why Sister Sharon Gives

                   Away ALL Books Freely....

Hi, my name is Sharon, I have been walking with God 27 years.  During the early fall of 2014, I gave a random act of kindness gift to a woman at the publice library in my community. I went back to the same library one week later and was 'moved' again by the Spirit of God to give her another gift, when she revealed the prior week I initially gave her the random gift, she was on her way home to commit suicide.  Her name was Hanna. She was going through financial problems and many other issues in her life.


Our book collection is dedicated to people like Hanna who cannot afford to pay for books and other resources that will inspire them to know Jesus Christ or to learn more about God's ways and his kingdom.  Also, I believe my gift to teach and articulate in writing is for the Body of Christ's edification freely given to me, therefore I am compelled to give freely to you as a servant of Jesus Christ.


If you would like to be a financial blessing or sponsor one of my outreach initiatives, please give a love gift that helps me to remain in quietness to complete the many other topics the Holy Spirit has inspired me to teach in writing that I will continue to upload here at MotivatingU2Win.


With Love,


Sister Sharon