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WhatRYour Gifts



God has given all sincere followers of Jesus Christ gifts to serve your fellowman.  Your gifts are VITAL to enduring personal tests, trials and tribulations.  They are like a WEAPON, they will protect you and help others to overcome their personal tests and trials once you learn to master them and 'shoot' your best 'shot' to help others.


Stay in humility before God.  Like a Special Ops Sniper, they do not make themselves 'overtly' present, boasting of who they are, they just do what, what they do.  He that has an 'ear to hear' let them hear!



Roman 12:6-8


Proclaiming - Ability to speak, prophecy

Serving - Does good deeds to encourage others

Teaching - Explains the Kingdom of God

Exhorting - Motivates, and stimulates faith of the believer

Giving - Helps others with resources

Ruling/Administration - Oversees operations of organizing ministry to followers of Jesus Christ

Showing Mercy - Comforts others in distress and trauma physically and/or spiritually


Ephesians 4:10-13


Apostles - Set Up/are usually missionaries that travel to foreign countries that have never heard of Jesus Christ.

Prophets - Stir Up/deal with reformation and correction of man-made traditions, false teachings and commandments of men that harm the Body of Christ.

Evangelists  - Fill Up/move about wherever they go sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation of the soul

Pastors  -  Build Up/are able to administrate, teach and serve the Body of Christ

Teachers  - Grow Up/explain and expound the kingdom of God in simplicity for the edification of the Body of Jesus Christ.



Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 12:6-8


Word of wisdom

Word of knowledge


Gifts of healings



Distinguishing between Spirits


Interpretation of Tongues


Rejoice! And give God ALL the glory for your gifts for the Body of Christ!

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