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Key to Build Your Spiritual Muscle

By default it is human nature to entertain fear and anxiety over sudden negativity, therefore, it behooves a champion to work your thoughts like you're training in the gym to build muscle. Without resistance you cannot build spiritual and emotional immunity to withstand negativity from entering your heart, thus you can become a very difficult person to get along with 'yourself.'

How do you know you have no spiritual muscle?

1. You're a negative person.

2. You stay angry all the time

3. You're moody like 'Rudy' (that's what I call it)

4. You're easily swayed from your decisions

5. You tolerate rather than celebrate others by telling them the truth when their wrong

6. You refuse to stand up for yourself when you should.

7. You are a gossiper and slanderer

8. Your faith is in success and money instead of God

The process of eliminating troubled thoughts takes tenacity when you're confronted with a crisis. Purposely surrounding yourself with 'triggers' that will calm you, for example, my favorite is fresh flowers are very simlple 'triggers' you can place around your work space or wherever you spend most of your time coupled with an "attitude of gratitude" towards God for all the things he has given you to steward.

Let the natural light shine in and elimate any bad odors, dust and clutter from your enviroment. If you do not have time to clean up, hire a maid if you can afford it.

Self-motivation is empty without gratitude towards God. Its like a balloon blown up and no tie to keep it inflated, a waste of air. So what are we saying here...blow up God NOT you! Alright now! This is the key to overcoming, this is it!!!!

Your circumstances do not define who you are, it reveals who you are.

We Love You,


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