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Win Against Gluttony!

Gluttony is responsible for most of premature deaths in America. Heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, asthma, kidney failure and the list goes on. We all know very precious people who are obese. This article is not written to offend you but to challenge you to STOP and consider the facts.

Obesity is not the problem, it is "Gluttony." Obesity is the result of uncontrollable lust for food, it is no different than being a drug addict or alcoholic. The only difference is that you need food to live. Nonetheless, without self control, a person can eat themselves to death. I have witnessed many do it, it is grievous to say the least.

They were chronically ill, severely over weight and kept claiming their illnesses were all 'hereditary,' totally disregarding the fact they refused to eat healthy foods,walking around all day with potato chips and soda, eating pork, red meats and breads every single day, all day. They refused to stop it and for some, cancer ate their bodies alive. There was nothing the doctors could do for them. And for some, their hearts suddenly did fatally attack them. How can we help those addicted to pleasure foods?

Leaders of businesses and pastors get involved by implementing policy that promotes healthy eating habits to maintain their employment, and pastors raise the standard of the Scriptures that clearly tell us, the body is the temple of God, gluttony is abusing God's temple. The church is notorious for sitting church members down for sexual immorality, we should sit down every person who is obese. They are out of control and spiritually sick , they need help!

What we love, we protect it, gluttony is an expression of self hatred and it violates Jesus commandment to us to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves, Luke 10:27. There is no love in neglect and abuse of your most precious commodity, your body ~ God's Temple. There is no loving your neighbor when you place the burden of your illnesses on your loved ones having them to take you to and fro, from doctor to doctor, pharmacist to pharmacist. It is selfish.

Over indulgence in "comfort or pleasure' food is idolatry. Lusting to eat for pleasure is no different than someone who keeps sleeping around for pleasure, putting themselves at risk for disease, both are abusing God's temple. All obese followers of Christ, you need to repent! You are not 'victims,' you are out of control, cutting the quality of your life every time you keep stuffing your mouth with all that junk food, refusing to eat healthy foods. Don't get mad, get delivered! Pick up your cross 'daily' and follow Jesus. Do it so you can live long and be strong for the Glory of God. Your destiny is fulfilled through a healthy body! YOU NEED YOUR BODY!

If you are CEO addicted to food that can prematurely kill you, consider this fact, your desitiny is associated directly with your body. A sick body is not an asset. An obese body is destined for disease and premature death. All business dealings are futile if your body is beckoning you for top quality foods....fresh fruits and vegetables!

If you are pastor who is obese, you should consider sitting yourself down and go on a sabbatical to get yourself under control. Sad, but true, most pastors will not preach against gluttony for the same reason most will not preach against sin at all, they do not want to risk losing any of their money from their followers. They will not risk it, yet I beg to question, if you are a pastor, how can you say you love those you are leading that are overtaken and captive to food, and you refuse to challenge them to stop? What kind of love is this?

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