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Do You Struggle With High Blood Pressure?

Your destiny, dreams and business dealings ALL depend on your quality of life. High blood pressure should not be taken lightly whatsoever. Food can heal or kill! Knowing this fact and respecting this fact, is the key to overcoming food addictions that saturate your blood stream causing your heart to overwork and become clogged.

The number one cause of death in America is heart disease, mostly contributed to congestion of the heart valves from excessively eating to much bacon, pork chops, ribs, steak and hamburgers. The pig and cow is NOT our friend! They boast of so much flavor and texture, for many people, they refuse to stop overeating these animals knowing they have high blood pressure and cholesterol, why? They're not considering the facts, the pig and cow can and will kill you! Stop PIGGING Out!

High blood pressure or high cholesterol should not be ignored or minimized for what it really is, dangerous! Cholesterol only comes from animals. Too much in the body saturates the blood, causing havoc on the heart. Your heart is responsible for pumping the blood through your body. If the blood is saturated with fat/cholestorol, it cannot flow properly, you are at high risk of having a fatal stroke or heart attack.

Eating "FRESH" foods daily can be a challenge for some, but the rewards cannot be measured. Remember the old adage, " an apple a day, helps keep the doctor away?" Well its true! Eating what you want all of the time can cause chronic illnessess and in some very unfortunate cases, premature death. Balance is the key!

Enjoy what you like, but you MUST eat what you need to be healthy. Power foods that the body need are summed up in a very simple word ~ FRESH! Fruits and vegatables. You cannot go wrong. The largest portion of foods on your plate should not be meat, but rather some sort of vegetable and or salad. Take care of your heart, it is vital to your life, your destiny. Eat Good, Feel Great!

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